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How to configure your web browser?

You just need to have at least Firefox v4+, Internet Explorer v11+, Google Chrome, Opera v12+ or Safari v6+. That is it!

What is the purpose of this website?

RPartage is a website designed to share Role Play which take place on the Renaissance Kingdoms forums. It stores RP in perpetuity, enables them to be organized as RP books, sharing them with world, add context for the readers' attention, bookmark RPs and books as favorites and much more.

What is the purpose of a book?

A book is a collection of RPs, in which each RP is an individual chapter. For example, the book "The Life of Brian" will be made up of RPS ranging from when he was born, his life achievements and his death. This feature enables to create complex stories which can be read by people who do not follow any of your RPs.

What is the purpose of a character?

A character is above all an account on this website. It does not mean it has to be a unique account. For example, you can create any other characters you wish, for example, for your NPCs, etc.

I have imported a RP two months ago but I cannot see it, why?

There are two scenarios. Maybe your RP did not respect the spirit of this website (spam, SMS text speak...). Or you have selected the "24h" option when adding or updating it and it was deleted. The RPs stored in this website are kept Ad Vitam De-La-Ram Aeternam.

What can I add in the "context for the readers' attention" ?

This section allows you to explain, for example, the context in which this RP takes place, to summarise the RP that precedes it or key details that aid the reader. You can also make references to NPCs, or any other information which will help the reader.

Can I update a RP which I did not imported myself?


Is there an easy way to export to my computer a RP which I found on this website?

Yes! You can export it as a PDF using a link on top of each RP page. And if it does not work, you can always export as HTML and save the whole webpage instead.

Can I delete a RP which I have imported?

No, but if you find any texts which have no business being on this website you can "Contact us"!

Can we have several accounts on this website with one unique email?

Yes! To register your NPC for example!!

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