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Aristarchus - Archivum Regius

These are the registers of the Portugals King in the V Reign, Your Majesty Unclescrooge da Gama, by his Royal Secretary Aristarchus Lem.

More over, there are some registers related to the Kings and Queens of Portugal...

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On streets, the people expressed greetings to Your Majesty Unclescrooge da Gama, the new King of Portugal.

Language: portuguese.

Time: 16/Feb/1461 to 18/Feb./1461.

Aristarchus composed these three sad songs to tribute The Queen of Portugal, Ana Catarina de Monforte, after the ceremony of her burial. He thinks she was the better Monarch of Portugal.

Language: Portuguese.

Time: 04/Feb./1461 to 10/Feb./1461.


Archivist: Aristarco
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