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Aristarchus - Eventus Salaciensis

These are the stories of Aristarchus Lem, the Troubadour of Lusitania, in many adventures (with Philosophy, Songs, Poetry and troubles...), when he was visiting the village of Alcácer do Sal, County of Lisboa.

Aristarco Leme in portuguese, is the Flemish-Breton, the "al-Musta'rib" bard of Iberia.

Table of contents

These stories do not have a precise time, because many events are described here in the same topic. Anyway, the most important aspect is that some songs are registred, when Aristarchus or his apprentice Martinho Albernaz, was visting Alcácer do Sal.

Language: Portuguese.

Time: 15/Apr./1460 to 28/Dec./1461.

These are the stories of "Ordem dos Cavaleiros Templários - OCT", The Order of Knights Templar in Portugal. They had met theirselves at this Castle to share his vivences and spread their ideals. 

Language: portuguese.

Time: 05/May/1460 to 12/Jul./1462.

Martinho Albernaz visited the tabern of Aristarchus' friend, Dom Eudoxio de Faro, and then he composed (and sung) a little Lai to gain a good food from the girl, Auren.
The apprentice was starting his way, singing and working for money, by himself...

Language: Portuguese.

Time: 29/Dez./1460 to 28/Dec./1461.


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