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Aristarchus - Eventus Montemorensis

These are the stories of Aristarchus Lem, the Troubadour of Lusitania, in many adventures (with Philosophy, Songs, Poetry and troubles...), when he was living in the village of Montemor, County of Lisboa.

Aristarco Leme in portuguese, is the Flemish-Breton, the "al-Musta'rib" bard of Iberia.

Table of contents

Aristarchus is invited by maiden Beatrix Algrave to the her party. He played his  castilian song of a journey to Castile with Portugal's Royal Company.

Language: portuguese.

Time: 27/Jan/1461 to 06/Feb/1461.

There was a plan of County of Lisbon to organize the dates of open mines to the Montemor's population. These are the warnings of Aristarchus about the Calendar of Mines in Montemor.

Language: Portuguese.

Time: 16/Jan./1461 to 27/Mar./1461.

These stories do not have a precise time, because many events are described here at the same topic. Anyway, the most important aspect is that some songs are registred, when Aristarchus was living here in Montemor.

Language: Portuguese & Spanish.

Time: 07/Feb./1460 to 14/Jul./1461.

When Aristarchus met Sans Ximeno of Valladolid, he gave him a job: the "pucelano" worked happily during a time, he was a known master in that town. Then he left Montemor, and all the things were behind...

Language: Portuguese.

Time: 15/Feb./1461 to 20/Jul./1461.

Aristarchus was The Mentor of Montemor for a time. These are some of his records during his work at "Paço dos Alcaides", where the decisions were ocurried.

Language: portuguese.

Time: 15/Jan./1461 to 02/Apr./1461.

These are the stories of "Ordem dos Cavaleiros Templários - OCT", The Order of Knights Templar in Portugal. They had met theirselves at this Castle to share his vivences and spread their ideals. 

Language: portuguese.

Time: 19/Jan./1461 to 08/Oct./1462.


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