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Aristarchus - Historia et Casus Bardi

These are the stories of Aristarchus Lem, the Troubadour of Lusitania, in many adventures with Philosophy, Songs, Poetry and troubles...
Aristarco Leme in portuguese, is a Flemish-Breton, the "al-Musta'rib" bard of Iberia.

Also adventures of his fellows (NPCs): Martinho Albernaz - the apprentice -, Pieter Lombard - the Flemish artist of Lisbon -, and Iago Brais - the Galician troubadour.

Table of contents

These are the stories of "Ordem dos Cavaleiros Templários - OCT", The Order of the Knights Templar in Portugal. They had met theirselves at this Castle to share his vivences and spread their ideals. 

Language: portuguese.

Time: 03/Aug./1460 to 23/Mar./1463.

An announcement of Templar Order of Portugal in Évora.

Language: portuguese.

Time: Mar~May/1460 probably.

Dom Matheus de Miranda, in The Village of Montemor, walked with his wife on ruins of a castle on Montemor. Time later, Martinho Albernaz (NPC), the apprentice of Aristarchus, listened a legend in a square of the village, told by an old storyteller who heard that from Dom Matheus.

Language: portuguese.

Time: 12/Jul/1459 to 02/Aug/1460.

Aristarchus was talking to the Mayor about the "Saint of burg", at Avis' square.

Language: portuguese.

Time: 11/Jul/1460 to 04/Jan/1461.

Aristarchus was arrested to the County Dungeons, when he had no money to pay for staying in Porto (because all his money were spent with rum)...

Language: portuguese.

Time: 14/Jul/1460 to 31/Jul/1460.

Aristarchus was working in village of Avis, as scribe of mines. In that time, occurred a big campaign for the gold mines and the troubadour was there…

Language: portuguese.

Time: 12/Sept/1460 to 13/Oct/1460.

Iago Brais (NPC), the galician troubadour friend of Aristarchus, knew an announcement of tournament: the I Royal Joust of Portugal.

Language: portuguese.

Time: 10/Jun/1460 to 10/Aug/1460.

Aristarchus was open discussion about elections of Setúbal; after all, the question was be clarified…

Language: portuguese.

Time: 22/Dec/1460 to 23/Dec/1460.

Aristarchus was involved in a big Campaign of Gold Mines in County Lisbon. His song is registered.

Language: portuguese.

Time: 16/Sept/1460 to 27/Nov/1460.

At the County’s square, the Countess was opening a “public hearing” or popular consultation about Gold Mines of Lisbon. Aristarchus talked his point of view with others citizens.

Language: portuguese.

Time: 11/Sept/1460 to 05/Jan/1461.

Aristarchus was discussing the problem of Parliament with citizens in Lisbon.

Language: portuguese.

Time: 10/Jan/1461 to 13/Jan/1461.

The Winter was coming with the snow: Aristarchus and his friends were fighting in big battle... Just later, he composed a song about boys, (war) games of snow and cold, very cold weather...

Language: portuguese.

Time: 10/Dec/1460 to 23/Jan/1461.

That is the ceremony of king`s funeral (Burgos, Castilla) with presence of Iago Brais (NPC), the galician troubadour and friend of Aristarchus of Portugal.

Language: spanish.

Time: 06/Aug/1460 to 30/Aug/1460.


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